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Posted on: August 24th, 2018

Join our Thursday Bible Study Group!

Newcastle Cathedral Congregant, Marjorie Wood, writes:

A Bible Study Group perhaps doesn’t sound the most exciting way to spend a couple of hours on a Thursday morning in the Cathedral.

Well you would be wrong! I can assure you that this is a very lively group.

When we are all present there are twelve of us and not all members of the Cathedral congregation. We have attracted several from other churches which can be seen as our effort towards the Outreach of the Cathedral.

Our group, until his demise to Peterborough, was facilitated by Chris Dalliston, who said at his farewell, “I shall miss my little flock!”. Helen our Reader in training now leads us on our way!

Helen has introduced the group to a series of excellent study courses. We have had a ‘run through’ the Old Testament looking at Creation and the role of the Prophets. More recently we have had a most stimulating study of King David.

This study course proved to be very interesting and highlighted many parts of David’s life which many of us had not been familiar with.

Despite the prominence of David in Judaism and Christianity, we came to recognise that David, although a charismatic character, like many of us, had times of temptation, frailty and vulnerability.

Having completed our investigations into the life of King David a group decision was taken to tackle The Revelation of John the Divine. You might be forgiven for thinking what gluttons for punishment we are, but because Helen provided for us a concise script which we read out loud, with four different voices, this brought alive the drama and complexities of this book. In the course of some weeks we discussed, questioned and shared, our interpretations of this book.

Here are some of the comments and queries which emerged from exploring Revelation:

  • The meaning of all the numbers which appear in the book?
  • Some parts were horrific
  • The state of mind of the author?
  • Suspenseful and gripping narrative
  • Strong echoes of the Old Testament
  • Prophetic?

For our final study before we broke up in July we had three weeks to explore the Letter of Paul to Titus.

I do hope I have given readers a taste of our Bible Study Group.

We range in age from 20+ to 80+ which leaves plenty of scope, no matter what your age. We begin at 11:00am and finish at 12:15pm which allows us to have the option of attending the 12:30pm Eucharist.

You are most welcome to join us!

Marjorie Wood

Thursday’s Bible Study Group resumes in the Autumn. For details, please see the Weekly Notice Sheet or contact: