Sunday Evensongs – 4pm trial

Posted on: September 3rd, 2016


The Dean and Chapter of St Nicholas’ Cathedral have approved a 6 month trial of Sunday Evensong services at 4pm, rather than the usual time of 6.  The trial will begin this Sunday – the 4th September – and continue until the last Sunday in February 2017 with a review in the New Year to decide whether the change should be permanent.

We would like to encourage the growth of the congregation who attend at this beautiful, and spiritually uplifting service, and so this decision has been made for a number of practical and missional reasons.

Many who are in the city-centre on a Sunday for shopping, tourist or leisure activities have gone home by 6pm.

Public transport on a Sunday is not plentiful, and an earlier start was thought to be worth a try.

In the winter months, an earlier finish will also necessitate less travelling after dark.

For visitors to the city, a 4pm Evensong may fit better with going on to eat and attend evening events (including any that might take place in the Cathedral!)

We very much hope that we shall not lose any of our “regulars” during the course of the trial – and that if you have not experienced this very special service, you will give it a try, and come worship with us!