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  1. Faith Development: Canons in Conversation

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    For the last five years, we have offered a series of Lent talks under the overall heading of ‘Inspiring…’ (Anglicans, Places, Texts, Images and Words).

    This year, we would like to offer something a little different.

    On Thursdays 21st March (the Dean), 4th April (Canon Jean Skinner) and 11th April (Canon Steven Harvey), each of us will be interviewed by a colleague about our faith development – how our journey started, what has encouraged us, what has challenged us, and what has changed in our understanding and practice as we have travelled as Christians and as priests.

    The format will be the same on each occasion.

    There will be a Eucharist in St George’s Chapel at 11.30am; the conversation will begin at 12.15pm; and this will be followed by discussion over coffee and biscuits (although people are very welcome to bring a packed lunch).

    All are welcome.