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  1. Big Sunday Lunch

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    A new initiative by Newcastle Cathedral to welcome students and anyone who would like to share in cooking and eating a great meal together.

    Come for Sunday Lunch at the Cathedral with other students from the City of Newcastle.

    Lunch is every Sunday in term time at midday. This term is eleven weeks from Sunday 20th January to Sunday 24th March 2019. All are welcome, especially students! The lunch costs as much as you can afford to give. Contact fr.tomsharp@gmail.com for more information.

    Meet new people, share time together, and even have a go in the kitchen with friends.

    We are looking for more students to come and cook on Saturday nights in preparation for each Big Sunday Lunch the following day – all welcome, from beginners to cordon bleu chefs! Contact Fr Thomas: fr.tomsharp@gmail.com to start cooking!

    Contact Fr Thomas if you have a special diet: fr.tomsharp@gmail.com