Worship & Music

Worship is at the heart of all that we do here at the Cathedral, the foundation on which all else depends.  The building itself is a pointer to the glory and wonder of God, and its primary purpose is for the people of God to gather together to praise him, to hear his word in the bible readings and to proclaim the Good News of his love for all creation, to ask his forgiveness and to pray for the world and all in need.


Music is at the heart of our worship. The Cathedral Choir, Schola Cantorum, St Nicholas Singers, and a host of visiting choirs follow in the footsteps of a longstanding choral tradition at Newcastle Cathedral.  During Choir Term there are six sung services per week, encompassing some of the greatest music from the 14th Century to the present day.


Our separate groups of boy and girl choristers are an essential part of this tradition, and we are presently recruiting for our next intake of choristers. There is further information on this web-site about this unique opportunity open to all children in Newcastle and the surrounding region.